Additional Presentations

Better Body, Better You

Achieve Your Best Fitness in a Busy Life

PresIcon-BetterBodyHow do you get healthy and fit while working a full-time job or raising a family? We all have challenges—time, motivation, work, weather, health…. Better Body, Better You teaches you how to improve your fitness and diet despite those factors—and how that discipline will benefit your life and work. Living with Type-1 diabetes since 1991, Jay Hewitt must count every carbohydrate every time he eats to calculate the insulin dose to inject into his body. He must also draw blood five to ten times a day to check his sugar level. Despite his health condition, Jay vigorously trained for and raced in the grueling, 140-mile Ironman triathlon 14 times, all while working as a lawyer and a professional speaker and, most importantly of all, being a husband and father. This invaluable presentation shows how you, too, can fit it all in—and stay fit in the process.


Key Takeaways:

  • Plan, prioritize and get addicted to your new healthy way of life
  • Visualize your goal for motivation to reach it
  • Eat like an athlete with diabetes—and love it


What Do I Do Now?

Handling Change & Failure

PresIcon-WhatDoIDoNowChange. Failure. They happen to all of us. In nature, it is not the strongest or most intelligent who survive, but who responds the best. That same principle applies to survival—and success—in your life and business. Whether it’s a job change, divorce, serious health condition or defeat in sports or business, high achievers expect and even thrive when confronted with adversity and upheaval. They risk failure, even tempt it, in order to improve. Heartfelt and uplifting, What Do I Do Now? reveals how changes and failures from Jay’s own life and the lives of some notable high achievers can influence your own success. You’ll learn to anticipate and prepare for change—and dare yourself to fail so that you can flourish because of it.


Key Takeaways:

  • Anticipate change and use it as a springboard for opportunity
  • Set goals with failure potential in order to achieve greater success
  • Eliminate doubt & anxiety


Who Has Time for That?

Achieve a Work-Life Balance for Success in Both

PresIcon-WhoHasTmeLife is not one-dimensional. Family, work, school, health, fitness, hobbies, friends….You have goals and dreams, but also duties and obligations. How do you balance what you want to do with what you have to do when so many things seem to be pulling you away? The Ironman® triathlon requires the ultimate balance of three very different sports—swimming, cycling and running—combined into a grueling, 1-day, 140-mile event. Does that sound like the day in, day out juggling of chaos and commitment that defines your own life? Who Has Time for That? is an absorbing, instructive presentation that shows how Jay Hewitt balanced training in three sports, competing and traveling the world for Team USA—all while maintaining his speaking career, working as an attorney, giving full attention to his wife and three children—and injecting insulin throughout each day to manage his Type-1 diabetes. You’ll discover how pursuing dreams and managing obligations can complement each other, not compete for your time—or energy. Find your purpose. Fuel your life.

Key Takeaways:

  • Plan, prioritize and get addicted to your new healthy way of life
  • Visualize your goal for motivation to reach it
  • Eat like an athlete with diabetes—and love it