Do you have a finish line in your life? A goal that you want to achieve—a dream that you want to live—but you know the road to get there will be long and hard? There are obstacles in your way and you fear that you might fail, and failure intimidates us all, but you still dream of that moment—your finish line moment. How do you get there?


Finish Line Vision® is the motivation that comes from visualizing your success, imagining yourself experiencing that moment.

Jay Hewitt will take you on a journey, telling you his remarkable story of overcoming type 1 diabetes to qualify and race on the U.S. national triathlon team, balancing grueling physical training with work as an attorney, diabetes, and life as a husband and father. He provides research on the neuropsychology of achievement with examples of high achievers in history. You will learn lessons on:

  • Setting & Reaching Goals
  • Overcoming Obstacles & Doubt
  • Achieving Work-Life Balance
  • Fitness & Diet for a Healthy Lifestyle
  • Handling Change & Failure

Many people have already been inspired by Jay Hewitt’s powerful message on stage. If you apply these principles, learn from these successes and failures, work hard and persevere…you will reach your finish line.




Praise for Finish Line Vision

“Jay’s life is an amazing journey! He has proven that no challenge in life should be an excuse for not trying to achieve your dreams. This book is a must read for anyone living with diabetes! Educational and motivating!”   — Dr. Etie S. Moghissi, MD – Associate Clinical Professor of Medicine, UCLA Board of Trustees, American College of Endocrinology

“Jay’s Finish Line Vision message is an inspirational mix of personal stories and excellent leadership advice. A sample of the evaluations from the managers and supervisors hearing him speak at our leadership conference were: ‘Great comments on determination! . . . Thought provoking! . . . Great motivator! . . . Great research and personalized stories! . . . Absolutely loved him! . . . Glued the whole hour! . . . Awesome-Inspiring-Enjoyed it! . . . Bring this guy back!’”   — Scott Lange, Oklahoma Department of Transportation

“’A great story . . . wonderful speaker! . . . Truly inspirational! . . . An unqualified success! . . . Perfect fit with the theme of our sales meeting! . . . I’m going to take what I learned back home, as a sales executive and a father.’ These are just a few of the comments we had after Jay presented Finish Line Vision at our annual meeting.”   — Kurt Auleta, VP Sales Operations, Security Benefit, Inc.

“As a racing driver with type 1 diabetes, I know first-hand how it can affect every single minute, hour and day of your life. But Jay has turned a negative into a positive. In Finish Line Vision, Jay shows his passion for helping others overcome any obstacle – whether it’s diabetes, a tough business decision or any other challenge. This book is a great guide for anyone wanting to do that!”   — Charlie Kimball, IndyCar Series Driver

“Jay delivered his Finish Line Vision message at our Leadership Development Retreat. The staff described it as ‘Amazing! . . . Inspirational! . . . Loved listening to him! . . . Jay Hewitt was sensational! . . . . Motivating!. . . Best speaker yet!’ It touched every discipline and leader in Greenville Health System and challenged us all. The ability to continue moving forward despite obstacles is truly what differentiates leaders and makes us successful. Thank you again for such a powerful message!”   — Michael Riordan, President and CEO, Greenville Health System

“Jay shared his Finish Line Vision message at our annual conference. Our members described it as ‘Amazing! . . . Perfect topic! . . . Great motivation! We all need finish line goals . . . Speechless! . . . Knocked it out of the park! . . . Awesome and inspiring!’ He seamlessly tied his message to the banking industry and that made it even more personal and impactful. We could not have asked for more – fantastic job!”   — Rob Braswell, President & CEO, Community Bankers Association of Georgia