Signature Keynote


How do you convert obstacles and disappointment into better performance and an improved bottom line? In FINISH LINE VISION®, speaker JAY HEWITT reveals how, despite being a Type 1 diabetic, he has pushed himself to incredible personal and professional triumphs. His compelling, energetic keynote—delivered with humor, honesty and relatable specifics—shows audiences how they, too, can overcome whatever life throws at them and reach unimaginable levels of success and teamwork.

Jay knows what he’s talking about. An Ironman athlete and practicing attorney, he is the only person with Type 1 diabetes ever to qualify for the U.S. National Triathlon Team. To accomplish such feats, Jay’s presentation focuses on three guiding principles that can benefit everyone in business and in life:

Make the Bad Thing the Best Thing

Disappointment and change happen. Use them as motivation to prove how strong you are and make you even better.

Set Goals with Failure Potential

Be willing and even eager to fail. Leadership requires it. Improvement demands it.

Earn Your Finish Line

Success takes work, discipline and perseverance when no one is watching. You will get there because you know you earned it.